Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 6, 2018

By: Danny Lipford
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Simple Solutions

DIY Dusting Wand
Here’s a tip for dusting floors that are impossible to reach with a vacuum, such as beneath couches, bookcases, dressers, and other tight spaces. Make a dusting wand using a yardstick and clean cotton sock. Slip the sock over the end of the yardstick and secure it with a rubber band. Then liberally spray both sides of the sock with dusting spray.Now simply swipe the narrow, ½-in.-thick wand along the floor to pick up dust and dirt. And, when you’re done, toss the sock into the wash and replace it with a clean sock.
Pool Noodle Water Hose
Next time you need to fill a water bucket that’s too big to fit under the sink or tub faucet, try this trick: Take a pool noodle and slip one end over the end of the faucet. Take the opposite end of the noodle and place it in the bucket. Turn on the faucet and water will flow through the noodle and into the bucket. This is particularly helpful when you don’t have hot water at an outside faucet, and you’re preparing to wash your car or dog.

Hour 1

Rob in AL
We have a crawlspace under our house and it’s exposed on the north side of the house. We would like to seal off the crawl space but are cautious of trapping moisture under the house that could lead to rot or mold. Our house is on piers and currently there is nothing in terms of insulation in place now. I am tired of expensive power bills, drafts in the winter, and a wide open AC in the summer. Any suggestions?
Diane in WI
I had a bunch of my windows replaced recently. Do I need to caulk around the window inside my home (on the sills, etc.)? They weren’t caulked originally but the installer said I should…
Phil in IL
I really want to start using our fireplace but I’m concerned about making sure it’s safe for my family. What do I need to be thinking about?
Hear the answer Straight from the Pro: Anne Thornton, owner of MSI Plumbing and Remodeling, which has been providing Central New Jersey with residential home improvement, renovation and repair services for the past 25 years. Visit her website for more info at .
Linda in NC
We’ve just had our heat exchange system replaced in a home we just purchased. With the thermostat set at 70, only the one bathroom next to the return gets warm, while other rooms are 64 or lower. The house was warmer on the old system’s emergency backup (electric). What can we do?
Ricky in SC
I’m replacing a hollow core door in my bedroom but when I cut the hinge mortises they were off a little bit and don’t align perfectly with the hinges on the side jamb. The door won’t close. What can I do?

Hour 2

Dee in MD
My dryer is vented thru a window but in So. MD it’s really cold & I was wondering if there’s anything I can do to insulate the vent tube that takes the dryer air to the outside? is there such a ‘thing’ as an insulated dryer vent tube?
Robbie in NM
How do I remove Torgonal from plaster walls. It was used in the 70s and was plastic chips embedded in a substance and then coated with a clear plastic overlay.
Mike in GA
I am attempting to repair a water damaged sub floor in my front entryway which runs from the front door threshold to the entry step. It is a raised platform that is tiled. I can access the water damaged wood from underneath in the basement and have removed the damaged wood. The sub floor under the tilt board is strand board. I need advice on materials and how to proceed. I have cut back the wood to the floor beams. Is there a foam or hardener that I can inject into the softer wood that remains at the edge of the cut? I intend to place new plywood in the cut out area and reinforce it with angle iron bracing bolted across between the floor beams which are steel. I will use liquid nails and clamp the new wood underneath to the tile board to dry before bracing the repair. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Leslie in AL
I made a water fountain with some beautiful old metal pots, but the lower reservoir pot is rusting and the rust is clogging up the pump filter. I’m thinking about coating the pot with Flex Seal. Would that work or is there another more affordable product that would create a waterproof barrier and prevent future rusting?
I have a new concrete-paver walkway and driveway. I was wondering if I should put something on the pavers to preserve them and the joints in between (which are filled with polymeric sand).



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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 6, 2018