Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 20, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Nail Pop Fix—Here’s a quick fix for popped drywall nails: Start by using pliers to pull out the popped nail. If you can’t grab the nail head, use a nail set to drive the nail deep into the stud. Next, use a hammer and finishing nail to locate the exact center of the stud. (You may find that the original nail missed the stud or just caught its edge.) Then, drive two 1 5/8-inch drywall screws into the center of the stud, placing one an inch or so above the old nail hole and another one an inch below it. Finish by covering the repair with joint compound, primer and paint.

Improvised Pole Sander—Next time you need to sand joint compound, make your own pole sander. Here’s how: Remove the head from a sponge mop and wrap it in sandpaper. Screw the head back onto the mop and you’re ready to sand walls, ceilings and other broad surfaces.

Hour 1

Robert in PA
I have some Formica on the edge of an countertop in a bathroom that has come loose. How do I re-glue this piece back on to press board? I did try to use silicone caulking for fix it, but it did not work.
Coleen in NC
We have recently purchased property that has a 12 x 24′ log cabin on it. It is basically an open canvas and we would like to turn it into a tiny house. Do you have suggestions on lay out,, etc and how to get started? It will be for my husband and me and two dogs. Do you know where things for tiny houses can be purchased?
Shirley in NJ
The grout on my bathroom tile is cracking and coming up. I don’t believe it was sealed properly. I would like to get this re-grouted but don’t know if I can get someone to do it and am a little nervous about doing it myself.
Jack in PA
The hardwood floor on our first level has become so cold this winter we can no longer stand on it with stocking feet. This is especially a problem close to the exterior walls. Is cold basement air seeping through the floor joists? What’s the easiest and least expensive way to remedy this problem? Thank you in advance for your help!
John in NC
I purchased a home two years ago and didn’t realize that the bathroom wall tiles were painted. When I cleaned the tiles recently, I noticed that the paint started coming off. And the tiles are pink! How can I clean the tile without taking off the paint?
I have a quick woodworking question. I don’t cut wood for projects very often, so is it better to use a jigsaw in tight, hard-to-reach spaces or something else, especially when trimming wood floors?

Hour 2

Dave in AZ
I have a prefinished cabinet door with a hole drilled for a knob in the wrong place. I’ve filled it with colored wax which is a good match and it is pretty good, but not quite as invisible as I’d like. Suggestions to make it look less obvious?
Laurie in MI
I have a tile floor in my kitchen that I can’t afford to replace right now and it’s really slippery. Is there anything I can put on it to make it less slippery?
Sam in FL
We’re remodeling our kitchen, which will include a new porcelain-tile floor. Two contractors came out to give us price quotes for tiling the floor. The lower quote calls for cement backerboard laid directly over the plywood subfloor, and then tile on top. The second contractor submitted a slightly higher quote, and is recommending putting an uncoupling membrane over the backerboard prior to tiling. What exactly is the purpose of an uncoupling membrane and is it worth the extra cost?
Victoria in CA
I am hearing scratching noises in my ceiling. Do I have rats? How do I know, and how do I get rid of them?

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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Jan. 20, 2018