“The Greatest Hits 2018” (11.3.18)

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Today’s Homeowner Radio

During this broadcast, we’re sharing some of our favorite conversations we’ve had on Today’s Homeowner Radio with listeners over the last year. It’s a packed show from a Georgia woman’s plea for help after a carport transformation project turned into a budget breaker, to a basement wall fix in Ohio. Plus, Danny, Joe, and Dr. Drainage get the band back together to help a listener with a septic tank on a sloped yard.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford hosts the “Today’s Homeowner Radio Show” with Joe Truini.

How to Brighten Up a Dark Room: Cathy from Georgia – “I begged my husband to enclose our carport to be a multi-purpose family room. The builders did a fine job, but I didn’t realize that even though we used every window space possible it is impossibly dark. There was only one light fixture in the middle and we used it for a fan/light. We bought three tall floor lamps but it is still depressing and dark. The two existing sides are cedar. We had the other two walls built (drywall). The ceiling is 10′ redwood. Would it help if I painted it white? I can’t afford an electrician to do pot lights or fixtures now (I have used all my husband’s budget). Any ideas?”

Brick Cleaning: Melody from Mississippi – “We have a new construction brick home (St. Lorraine is the brick color). When it rains, the mud splashes up on the bottom part of the brick. Now the bricks are slightly discolored. How can we clean them so the bricks will return to their original color?”

Foundation Walls Bowing: Bill from Ohio – “We have a bowed basement wall at an inch. Can we use carbon fiber strips to hold the wall or must we use steel beams?”

Carpet Care: Sam from New York – “I have a carpet that’s still in fairly good shape but it’s got some wrinkles in it. Is it feasible to re-stretch that and is it economically viable to do that?”

Rotted Deck Planks: Ken from Georgia – ” Several deck planks are rotted and need to be repaired. I don’t want to tear down the whole thing. Can I just cut out a section?”

Removing a Stain from Marble: Madeline from Florida – “Our cultured marble vanity has a dark yellow stain left behind from a metal shower-door frame. How can we remove this stain?”

Straight From the Pros

Talking with Dr. Drainage: We chat with Ryan Larsen, aka “Dr. Drainage”. Ryan Larsen is a civil engineer at NDS, Inc., which manufactures drainage products. He is also known as Dr. Drainage on YouTube as host of NDS’s series of educational videos about how to correctly use drainage products. Ryan joins us to answer a listener question.

Simple Solutions

Clean-Cut Bolts: Here’s how to shorten a machine bolt, threaded rod or carriage bolt, without messing up the threads.

Hot Tip for Removing Sticky Labels: It seems that most metal products come plastered with all sorts of glued-on labels and stickers. Peeling them off cleanly is nearly impossible, until now.

Best New Products

Show-and-Tell Faucet: Cooking is pretty much the definition of multi-tasking, so a kitchen faucet that makes that easier is a welcome addition. That’s what the Delta Allentown Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet does.

Products Mentioned in This Broadcast


Broan Sensonic Ventilation Fan

Delta Allentown Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Wet & Forget Miss Muffet’s Revenge


Bar Keeper’s Friend

Krud Kutter


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  • Mark Hearn Says:
    November 11th, 2018 at 5:49 am

    For the caller that had mold forming in drawers. The way he described his cabinet layout, it sounded like his dishwasher was next to the affected drawers in an L turn in the cabinets. While he said no pipes appeared to be leaking, I would suggest looking at the washer as it runs or right after. Washers can generate a lot of steam from the hot water or drying cycle that usually vents out proper channels, however if there is a breach anywhere around the unit or door seal, steam will escape where it shouldn’t, like around or into the drawers.

  • Dan Says:
    August 8th, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    I’m going to install 16 inch patio blocks. I want to put down retaining walls on the four sides and there is a drop. Is there a way to determine where to place the wall blocks so I can figure where to put the wall from the house and other wall so I can install the full 16inch patio stones and won’t have to cut or install smaller patio stones. It looks like the wall blocks do not stack straight and change distance from the first row . Hope Iam clear enough on my question. First time.

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“The Greatest Hits 2018” (11.3.18)