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Laundry Room Renovation & Painting Concrete

The challenges with transforming a room into a bathroom. Also, the simple steps that will keep paint adhering to a concrete surface.

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A Noisy Deck & the Water Heater Disaster

If your deck boards are starting to squeak then you might need to do a little bit of experimentation. Danny and Joe go over a few options for one homeowner who is dealing with a noisy deck.

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Tile Over Tile Installation & Keeping Mildew Away

The issues that accompany tiling over existing tile. Also, what you can do to better your odds of not having mildew show up on your front porch.

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Bathrooms, Bricks, And Picking A Contractor

Listener Questions From The Show Patio Refresh: Filling Sand Between Bricks Harriet from Pennsylvania asks, “My patios and walkways are brick. The original sand is still between the bricks. What is the best and least expensive ways to fill in between the bricks? I have access to stone dust or would sand with a binding […]

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resurface concrete

Old Carpet Glue Blues, Butcher Block Treatments, And Cleaning Up The Garage

Today’s Homeowner Radio How to resurface concrete that has glueform residue from the past Randy from Tennessee is renovating an outdoor area adjacent to his home and has a question about an old concrete patio. Randy says, “We bought this house about two years ago and it was built in 1972 and it was a […]

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