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Spray Foam Affecting Termite Control & Updating an Old House

A homeowner needs is struggling to find termite protection that will work alongside spray foam insulation.

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Garden Bed Placement & How to Repair a Cracked Driveway

Today we’re talking about how helpful it can be to have a raised garden bed and how to properly place it in your yard.

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Dance Floor Remodel Project & Patching Stucco

A family wants to surprise their daughter with a surprise dance room. But where do they start? Danny and Joe go over several ways to transform a room into a dance studio.

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Plug Knotholes & Painting with the Pros

Lately, we’ve had a lot of painting questions on Today’s Homeowner Radio. We brought in painting expert Nick Slavik to shine some light on some of your painting concerns.

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Front Door Finish & Safety Gear Storage

What to do if paint or stain isn’t soaking into the wood. Also, what kitchen item will help store safety gear away neatly.

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