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Tips for Today’s Homeowner

A/C I.Q.

Do you know what your AC I.Q. is? Play it smart with your household electrical appliances.

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Fireplace Safety

Everyone enjoys a fireplace during the winter, but safety has to be a priority. Listen to find out how to maintain your fireplace or wood stove properly this winter.

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Fight Odors

This time of year we spend so much time inside that we become of what’s going on in our houses. Listen to this tip to find out what to do about lingering odor in your home.

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Cold Crunch Utility Bills

Is the cold crunch of winter putting the squeeze on you utility bills? Listen for some tips on some simple ways you can save.

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Storm Door Adjustment

Do you hate the sound of a slamming door as much as I do? Listen to this tip to find out how to adjust your storm door so it closes quietly and smoothly.

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