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How to Get Clean Paint Lines with Painter’s Tape

By: Danny Lipford

Painting the interior of your home can make a good DIY project, if you know how to make crisp, clean lines between walls and trim.

One way to get smooth, straight lines is by applying painter’s tape along the seam, pressing the tape down firmly with a putty knife to keep paint from seeping underneath. If you use a tape like FrogTape the line will be even cleaner, because its adhesive formula prevents paint from sticking underneath it.

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Danny Lipford: The Kuppersmith Project is the renovation of an 85-year-old, classic American Tudor home. It may have been a grand ole home back in the day, but time has taken its toll, and it’s in need of some major TLC. Besides restoring the original structure, I’m also adding another 1,500 square feet of living space. And, while I want to keep its unique character, I also want to create a home with the kind of energy efficiency and functionality everyone has come to expect in the 21st century. That means taking my 30-plus years experience as a remodeler, and combining it with some innovative products. Here’s a great example from Frog Tape.

Steve Carey: Most folks think painting is easy. And when you take a small bathroom or a small room, sure, painting can be easy. But if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up with problems.

Danny Lipford: And here’s a place where a do-it-yourselfer can pick up a tip or two. If you’re masking the seam between walls and trim, be sure to work the tape down firmly with the flat edge of a putty knife. This keeps more of the paint from bleeding under the tape. If you use a tape like this stuff from Frog Tape, the line will be even cleaner, because its adhesive formula prevents paint from sticking underneath it.


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