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How to Keep Cool and Save Energy with Paddle Ceiling Fans

By: Danny Lipford

Paddle ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, but make it feel cooler by increasing evaporation on your skin. To reduce your air conditioning bill and save energy, run a paddle ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction during hot weather, and only run the fan when you are in the room to feel the effects.

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Danny Lipford: Mary Beth wants to know, “Can I lower my energy bill this summer by keeping my ceiling fans running all the time?”

Yes, you can lower your energy bills by using your ceiling fans around your home, but maybe not quite in the way that you’re thinking about it, because you really don’t want to run it all the time, because every time that ceiling fan’s on, it’s using energy.

Now, the only way you’re going to save energy by using a ceiling fan is actually by saving on something else around your home, like your central air-conditioning system. And you can save there by raising the temperature up two or three degrees at the thermostat. Because you’re feeling cooler in the room because you’re using the ceiling fan, and your air-conditioner is just simply not working as hard.

Another thing you need to remember though, is during the summer months, look up at your ceiling fan and make sure it’s running in a counter-clockwise direction. But, when you get up to move to another room turn the ceiling fan off, because the ceiling fan is only cooling people, it’s not cooling the room.


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How to Keep Cool and Save Energy with Paddle Ceiling Fans