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How to Plant Tulips and Other Flowering Bulbs

By: Julie Day

Storey Walters and Julie Day Jones planting tulip bulbs.

When planting flowering bulbs it’s important to choose ones that grow well in your planting zone. Plant bulbs in an area of the yard that receives the recommended amount of sun and at the correct depth for the particular type of bulb.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Julie Day Jones: The most important thing with bulbs is you want to get them at the right depth and you want to space them correctly. And, of course, if they take full sun you’ve got to pick the right spot to begin with. But tulips—let’s see—the package says five inches, some varieties of tulips I think like to be deeper.

We actually have an article on the website that has a good chart of what depth to plant what bulbs. The fun thing about spring bulbs is you can come out here in the fall and just… You can buy them by the bag. They’re really economical. You can pack them into spaces and then you cover them up and just wait for spring.

Storey Walters: And then it’s like a surprise.

Julie Day Jones: Then it’s like a surprise. This is a little mini-auger that attaches to a drill.

Storey Walters: Whoo!

Julie Day Jones: Let’s check the depth. Yeah. About five to six inches deep, that’s pretty good. Yeah, we can just drop one down in there. Bulbs are really best naturalized. If you put ’em in a straight line or in too much of a shape they look a little forced. They’re really better when you give them a chance to spread out and take their own irregular shapes.

But, you know, where I live in North Carolina, a lot of bulbs… These bulbs do great but some of the other ones will freeze in the winter. You have to dig them up and store them someplace warm.

Storey Walters: You have to dig up caladiums, right?

Julie Day Jones: Right. We either have to dig them up or we have to replant them fresh every year. Because they don’t handle the cold and snow very well. That looks pretty good.

So it doesn’t look like we did anything. But in the spring you’re going to have a really nice surprise out here.

Storey Walters: I’ll have to give you a call.

Julie Day Jones: I want to see pictures.

Storey Walters: Okay.


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How to Plant Tulips and Other Flowering Bulbs