How to Choose Air Filters to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home

Reojo asks, “How can I tell how well my air conditioner is filtering the air, and how could I improve it to make it suitable for an asthmatic?”

How good a job your heating and cooling system does of cleaning the air depends on the quality of the air filter used with it.

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Bags of drought tolerant grass seed.

Best Drought-Tolerant Lawn Grass for Sandy Soil

Ken asks, “What is the best grass to plant in sandy soil that will withstand drought?”

Sandy soil increases the effects of drought by draining water rapidly. Here are some suggestions for grasses that are better suited to these conditions.

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Freshly mowed lawn.

Making Mowing Easier

In my world, mowing is a chore that offers quite pleasing results, but it’s not one of my favorite ways to spend my time. I know it sounds crazy, but hauling around a big, noisy machine that could cut my foot off sort of interferes with my serenity. So, as I look out the window, my mind is already starting to focus on what I can do this year to make mowing easier.

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Man on ladder

Funniest Home Improvement Story 2009 Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Funniest Home Improvement Story Contest. We received so many entertaining entries that it was hard to decide on the winners. After much deliberation, here are the ones that tickled our collective funny bone the most. Enjoy!

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Roses blooming on vine

How to Prune Roses

Beginning gardeners often feel intimidated by the process of pruning roses, but the process is not that difficult. There’s little you can do while pruning your rose that you can’t correct next time, and the plants benefit from some attention to promote healthy growth and blooms.

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How to Frame Pictures Like a Pro

Framing pictures is a great way to preserve photographs and artwork to keep them safe for years to come. Take the mystery out of the process with these tips on how to frame pictures like a pro. Read on to find out more.

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Mulch made from coca beans.

Is Cocoa Bean Mulch Toxic to Pets?

James asks, “I’ve heard that cocoa bean mulch can be toxic to animals. Is there any truth to that?”

According to a 2003 study, cocoa bean mulch can be toxic to animals. It contains theobromide, which is very hard for many animals to metabolize.

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How to Determine Exterior Shutter Height on a Window

Kristy asks, “What’s the proper height for vinyl shutters?”

Shutters used to be functional and could be opened and closed. They were sized from just above the window sill to the bottom of the top trim, with the sides overlapping the trim.Since most shutters today only serve a decorative purpose, the alignment and placement isn’t as important.

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