Homeowners Insurance

Tree fallen on house and car after hurricane.

Florence Aftermath: What to Do After a Hurricane

Hurricanes combine two of nature’s most damaging forces: wind and water. If you live on or near the coast, your best defense is to have proper home insurance coverage and make sure you know what to do to get the claims process rolling after a storm passes. Read on to find out more.

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How to Prepare Your Own Home Inventory Report

If your home was destroyed by fire or vandalized by theft, could you recreate from memory a list of all your possessions including purchase date, cost, serial number and model number? A detailed list of damaged or destroyed possessions is required for all insurance claims. If you don’t have a home inventory, read on to find out how to prepare one.

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House on water destroyed by hurricane.

Home Insurance Policy Limits

Homeowners who receive a homeowner’s insurance settlement often ask why the amount was lower than they expected. What most don’t realize is that their policy had coverage limits for some of the items lost.

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Flood Insurance for Your Home

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina left lots of people with questions about the differences between homeowners insurance and flood insurance. Damage from rising water is not covered under most insurance policies, and flash floods can occur at almost any elevation, even if you’re not in a flood zone.

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page

The easiest way to determine what is and isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance is to read the declaration page of your policy, which is a miniature summary of your coverage.

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