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The Simple Way to Hang Pictures (Grab a Fork!)

Here’s the easy way to hang pictures — just grab a fork, a hammer and a nail! (Joe explains.)

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Control Lights with Your Voice or a Smart Device

Philips’ Smart Wireless Lighting Starter Kit has everything that you need to get a cool lighting experience in your house.

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How to Remove Stickers and Labels Using Heat

Heat from a heat gun or hair dryer can be used to remove labels and other stickers from metal products. Simply heat up the metal, then slowly peel the sticker off. For items like plastic that may be melted by the use of extreme heat, use a solvent like mineral spirits instead.

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Drilling hole with plywood scraps clamped to stock

How to Enlarge a Hole

Watch this video to find out how to enlarge an existing hole, such as when drilling a larger hole in a door for a new deadbolt or lockset.

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These Cordless Blinds are Awesome — Just Raise ‘em Up!

Blinds are a common window treatment; they have been for decades. And they really haven’t changed that much — until now.

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Do It! How to Take Tarnish Right Off Silver Items

If you’ve got silver or silver-plated items, sooner or later you’re gonna have to deal with tarnished surfaces. Here’s how to take that tarnish right off.

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Addition Rescue

Danny and Chelsea improve Lisa Murrill’s back-den addition so it looks like any other room in the house (and not an addition).

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Replacing the rubber flapper valve in a toilet tank to stop it from leaking.

How to Test for Toilet Leaks

Toilets can develop undetected leaks between the tank and bowl that can waste thousands of gallons of water if not repaired. Watch this video to find out how to tell if your toilet has a leak.

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